MoreInfo on MoreBeer! All-Grain BrewSculptures™

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Sculpture History
Regan had been making and welding all-grain systems from scrap parts since the early 1980's.
In the mid 1990's Beer, Beer & More Beer began designing All-grain BrewSculptures in response to an increasing number of customers who were intersted in All-Grain Brewing, but wanted to do it right. Customers talked and we listened. The general theme is that they wanted complete systems that would make All-Grain Brewing easy with consistent results. Certain features came up repeatedly — a welded stand, a single gas system that ran off of one propane tank, three completely modified kettles, and a separate burner under each kettle.
Regan Dillon, a MoreBeer! partner, had been making and welding systems from scrap parts since the early 1980's. Armed with customer input and Regan's experience we introduced a line of three original BrewSculptures. The first Sculpture ever built was a 20 Gallon B3-2000 sold to Dan Funk in Seattle, Washington.
BrewSculptures and related options driven by customer feedback.
As customers from all over the world bought and used BrewSculptures, we continued to listen to their feedback. We introduced four more BrewSculptures and a bevy of options in 2001. However, we did not stop there – Since 2001 we have been extremely busy designing, protoyping, and... brewing. The result is the introduction of three brand new systems and ten brand new options. As always, a majority of the new systems and options are the result of listening to customers

Sculpture Components
The core of any all-grain brewing system is the stand.
Designed from customer feedback, our combined brewing knowledge, and Regan’s engineering background, the stands are strong, compact, surprisingly light, have the correct gravity drops from vessel to vessel, and are treated to withstand the elements.
Stands are constructed with the smallest footprints possible while retaining maximum stability and strength. There is no excess metal which translates into surprisingly light frames that are easily manuevered.
There is no metal directly beneath the center of the kettles. This design minimizes heat transfer into the stand itself, which conserves gas and results in quick and efficient heating of the kettles.
We prep the stands, postwelding, with a metal prep to treat the welds and remove machining grease and then paint with black, 1200 degree heatresistant paint.

Outfit your Sculpture for Propane or Natural Gas
MoreBeer! BrewSculptures can be fitted to run on high-pressure propane (standard), low-pressure propane or natural gas. All gas systems have three burners, one under each kettle, with individual gas ball-valves for each burner. With any of the systems, all three burners can be ran at once, however you will probably never have more than two burners going at any one time.
— High-Pressure Propane burners that produce 170k btu, but still have excellent flame control, come standard with all BrewSculptures. The three burners are supplied by one regulator and propane tank which is REALLY convenient. No switching propane tanks to run different burners. The adjustable, high-pressure regulator is included and will mount to a small, barbecue-style, propane tank.

Natural gas is an option that is available with every Sculpture. Five and ten gallon Sculptures get outfitted with our special 100k btu natural gas burners and our 20 gallon system get outfitted with our 200k btu burners. The burner bodies are made from cast iron and the jets are made from brass. Natural gas system will usually get hardpiped into the gas supply for your house. This installation is a job for a professional plumber.

MoreBeer! kettles backed by 10 yr warranty!
The kettles are constructed from 304-type stainless steel and have a very nice looking brushed finish. The included lids are completely stainless steel as well. Each kettle comes standard with a 1/2" stainless coupler welded into the sidewall, 1" from the bottom. Chrome plated ball-valves are standard, an upgrade to stainless valves is available on every BrewSculpture. MoreBeer! Kettles have a thick (20 guage) bottom and thinner (24 guage) side wall. All MoreBeer! kettles come with a ten year warranty. Kettles do not come with handles. The only time you will be moving kettles is to clean them. They are easily handled empty – our 28 gallon kettle weighs 18 lbs. If you have a situation that calls for handles we do have a handle option, where we weld two handles on to all three kettles.
— Boil Kettles come standard with one of our immersion wort chillers. The lid comes notched to create a tight fit around the chiller. Counterflow chillers are an available option.

10 Gallon Size

— Mash-Tuns come complete with spigot, false-bottom, thermometer, and sparge ring. The 18 gauge stainless steel false-bottom features a perforation of 3/32 holes on 5/32 centers. This is considered standard commercial sizing. If the perforation is larger, you get too much grain husk material falling through. If the perforation is smaller you risk stuck mashes when using flaked grains or high percentages of wheat – especially when using a pump to recirculate the mash. A stainless thermometer with a 3" face and 6" probe is included on all models except the 250 and 750 Sculptures. Sparge rings are custom designed for every model.

— Hot Liquor Tanks come with built-in themometer and glass sight guage. The thermometer is our 3" dial thermometer with 2" stainless probe. Also included is our unique glass sight gauge. The sight gauge is made from 1/2" glass tubing sheathed in a protective chrome plated metal shield. It is mounted separately from the spigot so that you can get an accurate reading while fluid is still moving out of the spigot. Note: Hot Liquor Tanks do not come with thermometer or sight gauges on our budget orientated BrewSculptures, the 250 and 750.

Sculpture Options
Customize your BrewSculpture
Every BrewSculpture comes complete and ready to brew. However, we do offer a bevy of options that allow you to upgrade and personalize your system to fit your needs and desires. Most options have been developed after conversations with previous customers as well as our own experience. Popular options include a water filter, an upgrade to stainless ball valves, conversion to natural gas, and an upgrade to a stainless stand. A complete list of options with full descriptions can be found on the options page.