Wort Chiller - Pre-Chiller (25' x 1/2" With Brass Fittings)

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Cool your tap water temperature prior to chilling. A pre-chiller is used in hot environments (like Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, etc.) where the tap water temperature exceeds your final target temperature for the cooling wort. The pre-chiller is placed in a bucket of ice water. The tap water source is connected to the inflow of the pre-chiller and the another section of hose runs from the pre-chiller to your wort chiller. The idea is that the tap water temperature is cooled before entering your wort chiller.

To use your ice most efficiently, connect the pre-chiller after the wort has been cooled as close to your tap water temperature as possible. Designed to fit in our 6 gallon bucket. Comes with brass hose thread fittings for direct attachment to garden hoses.

25 feet of 1/2 inch copper tubing. Female Garden hose inlet, Male Garden hose outlet. Approx. 10" diameter, 7" to the top coil, 24" to the bend to go over the lip of the bucket.

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