Wort Chiller - Blichmann Therminator Chiller

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The Blichmann Therminator Plate Chiller is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to chill your wort down! This plate chiller has 40 plates, 1/2" MPT for the wort in and out, and 3/4" MPT (garden hose thread) for the water in and out. Capable of chilling 10 gallons to 68 degrees Fahrenheit in 5 minutes when using 58 degree water at 5 gallons per minute! We strongly recommend ordering the back-flush hose assembly below to help keep the plates clean when not in use.

  • All 316 stainless steel plates and fittings.
  • Chill like the pro's - Identical to commercial brewery chillers.
  • Brazed together with pure copper in an oxygen free furnace - no potential leaks like a gasketed unit.
  • Chill 10 gal in 5 min to 68°F using 58°F cooling water at 5 gpm.
  • Ultra compact (7.5" W, 4" D, 3" H)
  • Easy to clean and sanitize - small enough to boil!
  • Garden hose thread connections on water side - no extra adapters to buy.
  • 1/2" male NPT fittings on wort side mates up with virtually all common hose connector types. Much easier to sanitize than female fittings.
  • Comes with heavy gauge stainless mounting bracket
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