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The UltiMill Explosion Proof Motorized Mill

Item #: MILL1000
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Weight: 50LBS

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Build Time: 3 to 4 Weeks
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The Ultimate Mill for the homebrewer. Lots of stainless and the ability to mill grain using power - we're living the good life here. Just plug into 110v power and you are the king of the crush.

The heart and soul of this mill is our Pro-Series two roller grain mill with a stainless case and fully adjustable rollers. Note that rollers adjust on both sides providing for a consistent, even gap the length of the rollers. The rollers are knurled in a pattern that we have found over the years to deliver a great crush and consistent feed.

The stainless stand allows for a 6 gallon bucket to be slid under to collect cracked grain. The stainless hopper holds up to 8lbs of grain at a time.

Darren Schleth, part owner and operator, and our resident Tool Time guru, was responsible for finding and configuring a complete plug-and-play, ultimate mill to compliment our famous BrewSculptures and our Ultimate Stainless Conical Fermenters. Selling half the package and asking you to go find the right motor, pulleys, guard, and belt was not our style he said. With the help of our Financial Controller, Dan Lipscomb, he was able to locate an affordable explosion proof motor to horse power this new offering. I must say that it is very unique to have your financial controller help in designing products on the side. A testament to the overall brewing passion in this company.

Why explosion proof? All commercial mills come with explosion proof motors because grain dust can actually ignite if there is a spark generated by an electric motor. Rare? Sure, but to release one on a commercial basis we needed to make sure it was explosion proof. We really never want to hear that a grain mill motor caused a spontaneous combustion in your house... that would be bad.

And if we have not made the point that this is the Ultimate Home Grain Mill lets us do that again. It is the Ultimate Home Grain Mill! Big, Stainless, Powered, Complete and ready to use.

Will mill roughly 6 pounds per minute, depending on density of grain.

The following is a quote from MoreBeer! Customer, Sculpture Owner, Conical owner, and Ultimill test subject Ken Rubin:

"Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I used my system this weekend and everything worked perfectly. The mill was fantastic. It's quiet, simple and effective.

I also just used my 2100 BrewSculpture for the first time and it was wonderful. Last time I brewed, I was moving kettles and tuns, etc. This was a breeze. Please extend my grateful thanks to everyone who helped to build the system and mill and fermenter."

Ken Rubin

Approximate dimensions 24" long x 15" wide x 27" high.
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