Pro-Series Ultimate Grain Mill

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Weight: 30LBS
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Produces the best crush - Perfect for motorization. We decided to make the very best small-scale grain mill available with quality of crush being the primary focus. After 2 years of prototypes we introduced our first Pro-Series Mill. It is made from the finest materials available. The housing is made from machined stainless steel. The rollers are made from hardened steel and are 2 inches in diameter and 4 inches long. We tried more than a dozen sets of prototype rollers before deciding on the production design. The adjusters allow a continuous range of adjustment on both sides of the rollers, rather than set positions, and are made from bronze for lubrication free use. Included stainless hopper will hold up to 8 lbs of grain at a time. We have refined the mill in our Southern California store for the past two years where they have used it as their main mill. The Pro Series mill in our Northern Califonia distribution warehouse and showroom is run on a 1/2 HP motor and will mill 9-10 pounds a minute. We use it for all of our specialty grains and have been very happy with the performance. An optional stainless stand that is prepunched for the mill and motor can be purchased separately. The stand will allow for motor mounting and a 6 gallon plastic bucket to be slid underneath to catch the grain.
We also sell this mill complete with stand, explosion proof motor, pulleys, etc as a complete unit. That sku is Mill1000 (http://morebeer.com/view_product/10069).

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