Personal Home Brewery Kit #2 - Deluxe With PET Carboy

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MoreBeer!'s Deluxe Home Brewery #2 is identical to our Standard Home Brewery #1, except that it replaces one of the plastic buckets with a plastic carboy and a siphon set-up for only $30 more. The plastic carboy is lighter than traditional glass carboys, safer, and will not break.

The vast majority of Beginning Brewers choose this kit over our basic kit #1. In addition to being lighter to move - not to mention the added safety that a plastic carboy brings - also have the advantage of being clear, so you can see the yeast "working" during fermentation. If you want an optimal starting advantage, go with this kit.

As with our Home Brewery Kit #1 starter kit, you will also need:

1) 5 gallon Brewing Kettle (BE300) (you may already have or can borrow).

2) Two cases of 22 oz. Recappable Glass Beer Bottles (B320)

3) Extract Beer Ingredient Kit for each batch you brew.


Summary of Benefits:

  • 6 Gallon Plastic Carboy fermenter will last longer than plastic buckets and has 99% zero oxygen permeability
  • Plastic Carboys are lighter than glass and will not break
  • You can watch the magic of fermentation
  • Save money now by not having to upgrade in the future
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