Great Western American Pale Malt
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3L Great Western. Same as the Domestic 2-row malt but has slightly more color and a drier flavor. This malt is more like the British Pale Malt.

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Great Western Malting Company

LOT: 171

Updated 6/16/05

% Assortment
7/64" 63.5
6/64" 27.2
5/64" 7.2
Thru 5/64" 2.1

Chemical Analysis
Moisture, % 3.9
Extract %, finely ground malt, as is 77.7
Extract %, finely ground malt, dry basis 80.9
Extract %, coarsley ground malt, as is 77.0
Extract %, coarsley ground malt, dry basis 80.1
F/C Difference % 0.8
Color, laboratory Wort, degrees Lovibond 2.69
Viscosity 1.46
Beta Glucan, ppm 80
Diastatic Power 134
Alpha Amylase (DU) 59.3
Total Soluble Protein %, dry basis 5.58
Total Protein %, dry basis 12.57
S/T Ratio % 44.4
Conversion, minutes 5-7
Aroma of Mash Aromatic
Filtration Time Normal
Clarity of Wort 8

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