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Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster

Item #: COF140
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We love this roaster!!! We roast on this roaster 4-6 times a week at our facility. It's easy to clean! You can see the roast! You have complete control over all temperature ranges and roast time! This roaster is ideal for the coffee roasting hobbyist. Worth every penny! Our most reliable roaster for roasting large volume of beans up to 10 ounces at a time.

DROP SHIP ITEM. Takes 2-3 weeks for delivery

Capable of roasting up to 10 ounces of green coffee beans, the Gene Cafe is exceptionally quiet and produces a very consistent roast. This roaster allows extensive control over the roasting beans - the temperature can be instantly changed with the turn of a knob. And the real-time temperature readout means you always know the temperature inside the roasting chamber (although you still must keep in mind that the internal bean temperature will be 50-100F degrees higher after the first crack).

The glass roasting chamber also allows you to see the beans as they roast so you can easily watch the roast progress through the various stages. Control, consistency and quiet operation - you can't go wrong with the Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster!

Gene Cafe Features and Benefits:
Vortex twisting provides a consistently even roast
10 minute cooling cycle
Indirect hot air agitated roasting
190~250C (374~482F) temperature range
Manual digital temperature control via electronic thermostat
1000 watt heating capacity
Noise: 65db (about the same as a refrigerator)
10 oz capacity
Dimensions: 15" x 9.5" x 9"
Chamber Material: Heat-resisting tempered glass tube (PYREX)
Cooling cycle bypass feature, allowing you to use your own external cooling device
One year warranty

Notes from Casey "The Coffee Guy":

I was impressed with the Gene Cafe. The control is key...this roaster provides excellent control over the roasting beans. With the digital readout and knob for changing the temperature, it doesn't get much more straight forward. The Gene Cafe also makes very little noise in comparison to some of the noisier air roasters. With a 10 ounce capacity, you get quite an improvement over some of the other roasters out there - putting the capacity of this roaster right up there with the HotTop at a less painful price. You can also do back-to-back roasts without a problem - and if you use your own cooling device (a colander and fan will suffice just fine), you can roast quite a bit of coffee in a hurry.

There isn't any sort of smoke filtration however - although an adapter for this is in the works (as an accessory) and is coming soon. In addition, you need to be careful when loading the Gene Cafe to capacity. Beans that produce a lot of chaff (a fine paper-like skin that comes off the bean during the roast) can clog the chaff "screen". This doesn't seem to create much of a problem, other than a bit of chaff ending up in the final beans (which can be blown out fairly easily).

The roast cycle, even at the max temperature, is fairly long - with a delayed first crack and quite a bit of time in between the first and second cracks. This gives you a bit of time to decide where you want to end the roast - but it does extend the time of your roast, too (it's not nearly as fast as the i-Roast).

One feature I particularly like is the ability to ramp up or reduce the roast temperature at any point throughout the roast. This is a big improvement over the i-Roast in that you don't need to program your roast curves in before you know how the bean will react to the heat. You can apply more heat to power through the second crack, or reduce the roast temperature to prolong it. It's up to you.

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