Dual Level Float Switch

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Our Dual Level Float Switch is used when you need to pump out of a vessel and have the pump turn on at one level then turn off at a different level. It is very useful when using a grant during beer brewing or in a professional wine bottle filler where you want to control volume other than using back pressure from the float. The floats have a stiff wire inside so they can be bent to sit at any level and hang over the side of a vessel.

Operation of these floats can be changed from filling to cutoff by flipping the float upside down. If the switch is behaving the opposite of how you require, remove the pin at the bottom of the unit, slide the float out, turn it upside down, reinsert it onto the post, and put the clip back in place. This will switch the operation of that float.

Float Relay Specs
  • Contact Current Rating Resistive 10 Amps
  • Contact Current Rating Inductive 7 Amps
  • Coil Voltage Rating @ 60Hz 120 VAC
  • Coil Current Rating 7.5 Milliamps
  • HP Rating @ 120VAC 1/3 HP
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