Cornelius Keg - Brand New (5 Gallon)

Item #: KEG418
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This is a brand new, ball lock style keg that has never been used. New gaskets, new relief valve, new poppets, etc.. ITS NEW!

The thing about getting a new keg is, well, its kind of like getting a new car. Everything is perfect and you know what you are getting. They look brand new for years because unlike used soda kegs you aren't going to beat it to death. Plus, your homebrewing buddies will know it is a new keg and they will secretly want it. Jealous homebrew buddies - it's just a Bonus.

We import these from Italy from a long time manufacturer. Attention to detail is perfect. Laser welds are perfect so it will always be easy to sanitize. To us at MoreBeer! perfect interior welds are a big deal because some of the new kegs coming from China, while improving, do not have perfect welds and we worry about the contamination over the long haul. This is one of those items that is definitely worth a little extra money. Plus they ship to you free if you live in the lower 48 states. That probably saves you $15 and is a killer deal. Enjoy.

9" Diam. x 25" Height.

Max working pressure of 130 PSI.

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