Clearance - Stainless Steel Gravity Frame w/ Gas System
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Fire Warning: This product involves a flammable gas. We sell these products to use outdoor in well ventilated areas, if you are not sure about your install please consult a qualified plumber. Please use extreme caution when using.


This is the frame only for a Gravity Brew Sculpture. It has a gas system in place, but does not come with any kettles or tubing. If you do not already have these items, they will need to be purchased separately. Or, for a complete package, see our BrewSculptures page!

Please Note: These frames have been modified in-house, and have minor cosmetic grind marks.

A joy to use! We call this a Gravity BrewSculpture because there are no pumps involved as the flow of liquid is gravity driven all the way into the fermenter. The burner is designed to hold any kettle diameter over 11 inches and height up to 15 inches.

Pros And Cons Versus other Styles

Pros: Ease of use. These system are very simple to operate. A huge benefit of this system is its size. The foot print is 2 ft x 3 ft so it will fit almost anywhere. The height of the Mash Tun (where grain gets stirred in) is low so no ladders or steps are needed. Does not require a pump so you can brew without needing an electrical source.

Cons: Not available for a 20 gallon system. Doesn't come with a pump so it isn't ideal for doing recirculation mashes. Does not allow for the control or flexibility the Digital Packages can offer.

Base Dimensions:

54" Tall
25" Deep
36" Long

BrewSculpture Includes:

  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Propane Gas System (Compatible With Low and High Pressure Propane)

  • These BrewSculptures are not intended for indoor use!
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