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Can I use my MoreBeer! BrewSculpture indoors?

 We have designed our BrewSculptures to be used outdoors only. The burners will take up a lot of the oxygen in the air and leave you with none to breathe! Some BrewSculpture owners have had success in putting large, industrial vent hoods over their BrewSculptures, along with a large fan to bring in fresh air from the outside. This is not something we can advise you on, as there are many different considerations when installing one of these. Please consult a local plumber.

How will my new MoreBeer! BrewSculpture be delivered?

We ship our BrewSculptures on a pallet via freight trucks, due to their size. They are wrapped in bubble wrap and protected in a semi-ridged frame. You can see a picture of a palletized BrewSculpture under the base model's on our website. For example our: 1550 Tippy BrewSculpture Product #SCU030.

Do I need to be home for the delivery of my BrewSculpture?

Yes, there needs to be someone to inspect the shipment for damage, sign for it, and unload the truck. We can request that the delivery truck have a lift gate, but that is usually an extra charge. If you have a nice neighbor or a brew buddy, they might be able to help you take it off the truck to avoid having to pay for lift gate service. The drivers, in general, will not help you do this.

Are your BrewSculptures designed for whole leaf or pellet hops?

The short answer - Both! You can use both pellets and whole at any stage of the brewing process with our BrewSculptures. If you use pellets, we recommend putting them into a fine mesh bag to contain as much of the pellet material as possible. If you plan on using whole hops, you can either use several mesh bags, or purchase one of our Whole Hop Screens, which is basically a false bottom that fits inside of your boil kettle. Since whole hops do not dissolve like pellets do, a screen will hold back any material from getting into your fermenter.

Id prefer to brew 10 gallon batches, but like the ability to brew larger batches. Do your 20 gallon BrewSculptures handle 10 gallon batches?

Yes! Our 20 gallon systems do indeed handle 10 gallon batches easily. Some BrewSculpture owners will choose to buy a 10 gallon boil kettle to better control evaporation rates during the boil.