Wort Oxygenation & Aeration Systems

Here is where you will find our Yeast Oxygenation & Aeration equipment. MoreBeer! offers two different types of set-ups for oxygenating your wort: 
  • Submersion/Batch: A Submersion or Batch System uses a diffusion stone that is submerged as far down as possible in the vessel containing the wort. Gas is  bubbled up through the entire volume of wort and is ran for the required time to achieve saturation. Submersion Systems can be used with both Aeration Systems (aquarium pumps, etc, using 2.0 micron stone) and Oxygenation Systems (pressurized tanks of pure oxygen, using a 0.5 or 2.0 micron stone). 
  • In-line: The other style, our Inline Set-Up, is designed to inject oxygen into the wort on the way out of the heat exchanger to the fermenter. This is a more efficient and effective way to saturate the wort with oxygen. Aeration Systems do not deliver the required concentration of gas; so if you want to take advantage of an In-line set-up you'll need to get an Oxygenation System (pressurized tank of pure oxygen) in order for it to work. 
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