Stainless Steel Weldless Kits

If you want to update your home brewing system without complicated welding, there’s no better way than with a weldless kit from MoreBeer! These innovative kits enable you to add a ball valve, thermometer or sight gauge onto your kettle without much effort at all. By simply drilling a hole and attaching the weldless fitting, you can create a brew kettle out of just about any durable vessel.

In addition to weldless kits, MoreBeer! also carries other high quality brewing accessories for the kettle. Brewing funnels and spoons are brewing essentials that always come in handy, while sight gauges help you to see the level of the liquid in your brew kettle. We also offer brew kettle screens and diverters which will make sure that solids stay behind in the boil kettle instead of sneaking into the fermenter. 

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