Beer Recipe Kit

Ideal for use with our Personal Home Brewery Equipment Kits!

Our Ale & Lager Beer Recipe Kits are designed to have you home brewing great beer with your very first batch! Each recipe kit comes complete with pre-measured ingredients, an instruction sheet and a recipe log sheet. All home brew ingredient kits are built upon our ingredients which are extremely fresh and well taken care of (we firmly believe that fresh ingredients are absolutely critical to making great home brew!). 

Please note, our Beer Recipe Kits come with the 4 oz of corn sugar that you will need for bottling your home brew, however they do not come with the bottle caps or beer bottles. If you need bottling supplies, then please check out our bottling beer section.

A Word About Beer Yeast:
You will need to select a beer yeast in addition to purchasing your beer recipe kit. If you are not sure which one to choose, each Beer Recipe Kit comes with recommendations for our best selling beer yeast for that kit. Thank you and happy brewing!

(If you are New To Home Brewing, or just looking to brush up on some of the in-depth information in one of our MoreBeer! Manuals, our Learning Center is a great source of valuable, free brewing information!)
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