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Refrigerator Kegerator

Instead of investing in a pricey, pre-made kegerator and attempting to fit it into your home bar, transform an underused refrigerator that you already own into an attractive and efficient draft beer dispenser. MoreBeer! offers refrigerator kegerator kits that are easy to assemble and just as high quality as store bought kegerators, and they might even save you a bit of money along the way.

Our simplest and most economical kegerator conversion kits come with a simple carbon dioxide tank, hand held beer line and all of the hoses and clamps necessary for delivering cold, refreshing beer from a refrigerator. If you’re looking for something a bit more upscale, we also carry deluxe kegerator conversion kits and two-faucet kits that enable you to create a truly professional looking setup. All of MoreBeer’s refrigerator kegerators even come with all of the instructions that you’ll need to get your kegerator up and running in no time at all. 


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