Personal Home Brewery Starter Kits!

Making beer at home is easy with our complete ready to go beer making kits!

If you want to transfer your love of beer into making your own delicious brews at home, MoreBeer! has everything you’ll need to get started. Our home brew kits include all of the most essential supplies for making beer, and they even include detailed instructions to guide you through every step of the process! If you’ve always wanted to make your own beer but worried that it would be too expensive or too complicated, these are the perfect beer making kits for you!

Our kits come in a variety of different levels and price points to accommodate everyone from the budget beer lover to the enthusiastic, budding brewer. Our most basic kits begin at a mere $69 and include all of the bare essentials, while the most extravagant kits can climb closer to $500 and include an impressive number of features for the higher price tag. Whether you simply want to make your beer and drink it on the spot or you dream of bottling your beer for your friends and family, MoreBeer! is sure to have a home brew kit that meets your needs!


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