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Brewing Kettles

Heavy Duty Brew Kettles

One of the most important aspects of the beer brewing process is the kettle, and any old kitchen kettle just won’t do. If you’re searching for a high quality brew kettle that will really last, MoreBeer!’s vast selection is sure to have exactly what you need.

Made of durable stainless steel that will truly last a lifetime and available in sizes to suit any home brewer’s unique needs, these kettles are some of the best that you’ll find anywhere online. Because kettles are so large and heavy, the durable stainless steel material makes it so that even if you drop one on the ground, it will hold its shape and resist damage or denting. MoreBeer!’s kettles also come with tri-clad bottoms for even heat distribution, heavy duty handles that are easy on the hands and in a variety of sizes from five gallons up to an impressive 26 gallons


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