MoreBeer! Single-Tier BrewSculptures


If you love the convenience and sleek design of MoreBeer!’s BrewSculptures but prefer something a bit simpler than the multi-tiered options, the single-tier beer brewing stands are the right ones for you. These all-in-one brewing systems contain three stainless steel kettles, three burners and a sturdy stainless steel stand to align them all side by side. If you prefer to have all of your brewing equipment organized and in one place, this is the way to do it.

MoreBeer! Single-Tier BrewSculptures are available in your choice of either 10 or 20-gallon kettle sizes and come with standard frames without digital controls, standard frames with digital controls, or the most elaborate Digital Deluxe, which features a 304-brushed stainless steel frame with digital controls. Whatever your budget or size requirements are, there is truly a single-tier BrewSculpture for any serious home brewer.  

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