Hop Bags & Tools

Working with hops in beer making is a lot easier when you have the right brewing tools. Hop bags can be used to help contain whole and pellet hop material, preventing a majority of it from getting into your fermenter.   These can be used with our Kettle Spider, which allows you to use only one bag, even if you have multiple hop additions.  A Hop Back is a great way to work with getting aromatics from whole hops into your beers.  Our modified Corny Keg lid has a tab that let's you hang a bag of hops (or oak) to "dry hop" in the keg itself and remove it when the levels are perfect without having to rack out of the keg.  Finally, BeerSmith software can help create entire recipes or just adjust/convert any of the individual elements in a beer recipe, such as hop AA% calculations. 
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