Beer Recipe Kit

Ideal for use with our Personal Home Brewery Equipment Kits!

If you already have all of the essential supplies for brewing beer at home but you’re a bit unsure of the exact recipe for producing a delicious brew, MoreBeer! is here to help with beer recipe kits for every taste. Our simple recipe kits come in either ale or lager varieties, depending on your beer preferences, but each one promises to produce exceptional results, even on your first try.

MoreBeer’s beer recipe kits don’t just include the recipes for making great beer; they also include pre-measured ingredients that take the guesswork out of brewing. The instruction sheet includes step-by-step directions for how to add the ingredients to your brew, while the recipe log enables you to take notes every step of the way. We believe that high-quality ingredients are what make a great brew, so you can always rely on the quality of our beer recipe kits! 

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