Beer Recipe Kits - All Grain

All Grain kits utilize 100% grain for the sugar content in your beer, unlike our Malt Extract Beer Kits or Mini Mash Beer Kits, which rely on sugars that have been extracted from large batches of wort.  In a sense, you are making your very own "re-constituted" malt extract in your own home, thus getting the absolute freshest flavors you can achieve!   Through a process called "Mashing", where you let the grains soak in hot water for 60 min, enzymes found naturally in the grains convert the starches into sugars - the food that our yeast require for fermentation and ultimatley, alcohol.

Benefits of All-Grain Brewing:
Going All Grain enables you to have complete control over the final flavors of your beer.  By adding and subtracting base malts, specialty grains, and the actual temperatures of your brewing process, you determine the exact outcome of your finished wort.  This process does require some advanced equipment, such as a Mash Tun and a Hot Liquor Tank, or even one of our complete All Grain systems, like our line of cooler kits or our famous BrewSculptures!

Please note, our Beer Recipe Kits come with the 4 oz of corn sugar that you will need for bottling your homebrew, however they do not come with the 
bottle caps or beer bottles. If you need bottling supplies, then please check out our bottling beer section.

A Word About Beer Yeast:
You will need to select a beer yeast in addition to purchasing your beer recipe kit. If you are not sure which one to choose, each Beer Recipe Kit comes with recommendations for our best selling beer yeast for that kit. 

Happy Brewing!
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