False Bottoms & Hopbacks

False bottoms are very important parts of the all-grain brewing process, and MoreBeer! carries a wide selection in all styles and sizes. These unique brewing components are placed at the bottom of the mash tun, and after mashing, they then block the grains from leaving the pot when the sugar is finally extracted. MoreBeer!’s false bottoms are made of high quality stainless steel that doesn’t rust or decay, and they are available in a wide variety of prices and sizes to fit a variety of mash tun sizes and styles.

If you want to add an extra hoppy flavor to your beer, we also carry hopbacks that will do just that. These simple devices connect between the boil kettle and fermenter, and when hot beer is run through the hopback on the way to the fermenter, they add a burst of hops to its taste and aroma.  


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