BrewSculptures - A professional brewery on a personal scale.

BrewSculptures are complete all-in-one, professional quality brewing systems that look as good they brew. Introduced in the 1990’s, and now on version 4.0, we have 20 years of R&D and customer feedback built into their design. Because they brew beer in the same style as a commercial brewery they are used and endorsed by an impressive list of commercial breweries and prestigious brewing schools for recipe design and test brewing. Companies using a BrewSculpture include Russian River, Sierra Nevada, Stone, Rogue, Samuel Adams, UC Davis and the Siebel Institute. If you want the best... consider a BrewSculpture.


Free Shipping

We ship via freight truck to your business or residence free of charge in the contiguous 48 states. In California you can pick from one of our four retail stores. For orders outside this area please contact us for a freight qoute.


The Tippy Dump BrewSculptures

Famous for its innovative tipping Mash Tun, the Tippy Dump BrewSculpture allows you to easily dump spent grain after mashing. Place a garbage can on the built-in step, tip the mashtun and your done… no heavy lifting or scooping necessary!  


Low Rider BrewSculpture

Easy accessibility is the name of the game with the Low Rider BrewSculpture. Look into and interact with every kettle without the need for a step or ladder.  

Some Key Features of All BrewSculptures

  • Made in USA in the MoreBeer! Metal Shop
  • 304 Stainless Steel TIG welded frames. The ultimate frame material that will outlast you. No paint or powder coating.
  • Oversized 304 stainless Brewbuilt Kettles with welded fittings, notched lids, internally etched volume markers, aluminum clad bottoms, and silicone handles. Built to last.
  • Top of the line, easy to use, disconnect and clean, fluid path. Includes top of the line March pumps, silicone tubing, and our own specially designed stainless quick disconnects.
  • Fast, efficient and quite burners with great flame control. Simmer or rolling boil - the choice is yours.
  • Mashtun includes the Ultimate Sparge Arm with innovative design to eliminate hot-side aeration, center draw outlet, gasketed false bottom, and low volume of base water under the screen.
  • Boil Kettle includes innovative Whirlpool recirculation for leaving hops and trub behind.
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