Make World Class White Wine Using Your Beer Making Equipment

Sometimes you need a new challenge.There exists an elite group  of people (think something like Navy Seals) who can consider themselves both an excellent brewer and vintner. Well the wine side might just be easier you than you think. Brehm Vineyards does the hardest part for us when they source World class fruit and then destem, crush, and freeze the juice.  MoreBeer! will ship the frozen juice to your door in insulated containers and you make unbelievable white wine using the beer making equipment you already have. Impossible? No. Watch as Michael Crews from Brehm Vineyards shows you how.

We ship frozen fruit every Monday and recommend you order 3-day service if you live on East Coast. Your order must be placed by Thursday afternoon. Read our Wine Site for all available varietals and detailed ordering instructions. 

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