Beer Kegerators & Kegerator Kits

Kegerators are a favorite of many home brewers, and these simple draft beer dispensers are beloved for their simple setup, low maintenance care and efficient performance. MoreBeer! offers beer kegerators and kegerator kits for use in the home, and they’re all available in a variety of different styles and sizes to choose from.

If you want to transform an ordinary refrigerator that you already own into a fun, beer-dispensing device, our kegerator kits will help you to do just that. We carry both both one-faucet and two-faucet kegerator conversion kits that can be used with just about any existing refrigerator, and they come with all of the parts that you’ll need to make it happen. To create a kegerator that’s a bit more portable, we also carry the parts you’ll need to create a portable draft box for a party or picnic. For the home brewer who simply wants to invest in a premade kegerator that can be incorporated into bar area, MoreBeer’s high quality kegerators are a great choice. 


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