Table of Contents - Vol. 7, No. 3
Roll out the Barrel: Tips on Purchasing and Caring for Kegs
Jason Parker
New or used? To buy, lease, or rent? Brewers have many options available for off-premise distribution.

Easy Calibration of Floating Glass Hydrometers
Brian Dixon
Are you sure your hydrometer is accurate? Here's how to use standard sugar solutions to find out.

Homebrew Dispense Round-up
Pat Babcock, Vincent Masciandaro, Tracy Gast, Greg Sower, Bruce Taber, Larry Maxwell, and Olin Schultz
Seven home brewers share their innovative ideas for dispensing homebrew - from converted dorm fridges to traveling bars.


The Troubleshooter
Answers to Readers' Questions
Dave Miller

Focus on Flavor
Flavors from Alcohols and Esters
Scott Bickham

Brewing in Styles
Cream Ale -- An American Classic
Ben Jankowski

The Last Wort
The End of the Film: Brewing at the Close of the Twentieth Century
Alan Moen

The Experimental Brewer
Louis Bonham's column is scheduled to return next issue.
Home Brewers' Corner
MCAB 1999

Craft Brewers' Corner
Real Ale Festival Canceled for 1999
Education at Siebel Becomes Harder, Easier
Oregon Brewers Pursue Self-Distribution
Ontario Micros Join Forces on "The Ale Trail" Promotion
Publisher's Column


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