Vol.7, No.1 January/February 99
Table of Contents - Vol. 7, No. 1
The Reinheitsgebot - One Country's Interpretation of Quality Beer
Stephen R. Holle and Manfred Schaumberger
There's more to the Reinheitsgebot than just four ingredients. Learn about the history of this 500-year-old edict and what it means to brewers today.

Building a Compact Three-Tier Brewery
Jeffrey Pugh
This home brewery has a small footprint, offers good process control, and makes brewing convenient.

Give Your Yeast a Boost: Preparing Yeast Starters for Healthy Fermentations
George De Piro
Be good to your yeast, and they'll be good to you. Propagate yeast in starter cultures to ensure vigorous fermentations and avoid off-flavors.

Count on Your Hemacytometer for Consistent Pitching Rates
David Sohigian
A few minutes spent counting yeast pays off with consistent fermentations.


The Troubleshooter
Answers to Readers' Questions
Dave Miller

The Experimental Brewer
The HBD Palexperiment Results — Lab Analysis, Part I
Louis K. Bonham

Brewing in Styles
Berliner Weibier
Florian Kuplent

The Last Wort
An Encounter with the Spirit World — Some Insights from the Kentucky Bourbon Festival
Alan Moen
Kölsch by Eric Warner;
reviewed by Jim Busch
Home Brewers' Corner
Power to the Brewers!
Brewing in Cyberspace
BJCP Spring Exam Dates
MCAB 1998 Qualifying Events

Craft Brewers' Corner
CO2 Recovery Makes Sense for Alaskan Brewing
1998 Real Ale Festival
1998 Great Canadian Beer Festival
Editor's Column

Readers' Tech Notes

Decoction vs. Step Mashing: Seeking the Elusive Malt Quality of German Lagers


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