Vol.6, No.1 Jan/Feb 98
Table of Contents - Vol. 6, No. 2
Tools for Recipe Conversion -- All-Grain to Extract, Extract to All-Grain
Brian Dixon
With a few simple conversion tools, you can brew any recipe you encounter, whether extract or all-grain.

The Oregon Pale Ale Experiment Part II: The Impossibility of Perfect Replication
Stephen Mallery
A cooperative experiment among Oregon pub brewers shows the difficulty of brewing identical beers.

The Mark of Nobility -- An Investigation into the Purity of Noble Hop Lineage
Andrew Walsh
The results of modern hop research prompt one brewer to question the importance of pedigree.

From Dreams to Reality -- A Brewpub Feasibility Study Is the First Step to Liquid Gold
Mark A. Diebolt
Owning your own brewpub can be a dream come true if you do your homework.

Brooklyn Brewery -- Reviving a Rich New York Brewing History
Alan Talman
A smart game plan, innovative distribution, and community connections make history in New York.

Focus on Flavor
Staving off the Staling Compounds
Scott Bickham

The Troubleshooter
Answers to Readers' Questions
Dave Miller

The Experimental Brewer
The Elements of Analysis -- How to Set up a Small Brewing Laboratory
Louis K. Bonham

The Last Wort
Home Brewers Must Keep Their Hobby Alive
Alan Moen
ASBC Laboratory Methods for Craft Brewers
reviewed by Louis K. Bonham
Home Brewers' Corner
BJCP and MCAB Updates
The "Grabber": A Multipurpose Homemade Sanitary Siphon Starter
Tool for Pin-Lock Fittings
Novel Solution to Stuck Runoffs

Craft Brewers' Corner
Fungal Disease Outlook Dim
Virtual Classwork at American Brewers Guild
British Brewing Awards
OSU Program Thriving
Mississippi Legalizes Brewpubs
Catch BT at the Conference
What's Brewing at Siebel


Readers' Tech Notes

The Role of Aeration in Precipitating Calcium Carbonate
Sulfite the Culprit in Stuck Cider Fermentation


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