Vol.6, No.1 Jan/Feb 98
Table of Contents - Vol. 6, No. 1
RIMS versus Decoction: The Great Texas Mash-Off
Louis Bonham and Andy Thomas
Two brewers pit tradition against technology in a friendly contest of taste.

RIMS: The New Wave of Brewing Technology
Dion Hollenbeck
Automated home brewing may be the ultimate way to rule your wort, but is it for you? Consider the arguments before you decide.

Decoction: A Review of a Traditional
Technique and Some Time-Saving Alternatives
Spencer W. Thomas
It's not Reinheitsgebot, but a pressure cooker may bring you close to the distinctive character of a decocted beer with far less hassle.

Focus on Flavor
The Four Basic Tastes
Scott Bickham

The Troubleshooter
Dave Miller

Brewing in Styles
The Queen of Köln: A Visit to the Court of Germany's Kölschbier
Forrest Williams

The Last Wort
Suits and Boots: How Craft Brewing Has Gone Bad
Alan Moen
Beer Blast - The Bizarre Battle of Big Brewers to Get Your Money
reviewed by Dana Johnson
Home Brewers' Corner
MCAB Update
BJCP Update
Tool for Pin-Lock Fittings
Novel Solution to Stuck Runoffs

Craft Brewers' Corner
IBS Conference Heads for Atlanta
Brewing Organizations Work for Craft Brewers
Festivals Offer More than Just Tasting
U.S. Brewing Education Opportunities

Readers' Tech Notes

Everclear and Hop Extraction
Delving into the Depths of Secondary Conditioning


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