Vol.5, No.6 sept 97
Table of Contents - Vol. 5, No. 4
  How to Get the Most out of Your Measuring Instruments -- Tips for Taking Accurate Hydrometer and Thermometer Readings
by Jim Martella and Paul Gatza

Beer from the Wood -- From Ancient Past to Present, Oak Remains a Perennial Source of Special Character by Jason Dunson-Todd

  Home Brewery Basics: A "Cooler" Way to Ease into All-Grain Brewing
by John Palmer

Home Brewery Advancement: Step Mash for Customized Worts, Part II -- The Starch-Busting Amylases
by Jim Busch

Q&A with the Troubleshooter
by Dave Miller

Brewing in Styles: Practical Strategies for Brewing Lambic at Home, Part II -- Fermentation and Culturing
by Jim Liddil; Martin Lodahl, column editor

Craft Brewery Operations: Brimstone Brewing Company -- Rekindling Brewing Traditions on Brewery Hill
by Mark Stevens; Norm Pyle, column editor

Craft Brewery Marketing: Taking the Mystery Out of Ad Buys
by Daniel Bradford

The Last Wort: A Question of Style -- The Search for Ales beyond the Pale
by Alan Moen

  Designing Great Beers, by Ray Daniels
reviewed by Mark Stevens

  1997 Brewers' Market Guide Updates


Readers' Tech Notes
In Defense of pH Papers
A Cask Ale Course Comes to Canada
BJCP Exam Study Resources Questioned
More Malt Comparisons
Hop Alert: U.S. Hop Industry Dealt Devastating Blow


Label Design Contest Announced
Mobile Beer School Reaches Tens of Thousands

Regional Guide to Homebrew Retailers

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