VOL.4, NO.6
Table of Contents - Vol. 4, No. 6
  Bread: A Natural Companion to the Brewer's Art
By Dr. Adam Rich

A Comparison of North American Two-Row and Six-Row Malting Barley
By Paul Schwarz and Richard Horsley

Hops in America: A 20-Year Overview
By Ing. Gerard W. Ch. Lemmens

The 1996 World Hop Harvest: A Preliminary Report
By Alan Moen

Understanding pH and Its Application in Small-Scale Brewing-
Part I: Fundamentals and Relevance to Brewhouse Procedures
By A.J. deLange

  Home Brewery Basics: Preparing for Brew Day -
Tips for Preparing and Organizing Your Brewing Sessions
By John Palmer

Home Brewery Advancement: Man Does Not Live by Hops Alone -
Spice up Your Brewing with Ancient Ingredients
By Jim Busch

Q&A with the Troubleshooter
By Dave Miller

Craft Brewery Operations: Ybor City Brewing Company -
From Hand-Rolled Cigars to Hand-Crafted Beer in Historical Ybor City, Florida
By Norm Pyle

Craft Brewery Marketing: Write it Right -
The Essence of Good Copywriting: An Interview with Kihm Winship
By Daniel Bradford

The Last Wort: Of Beer and Cigars - Smoke This!
By Alan Moen

  Great Beer From Kits
reviewed by William Holway

Brew Ware - How to find, Adapt, and Build Homebrewing Equipment
reviewed by John Palmer




BrewingTechniques Authors Honored in National Writing Awards Program
BJCP Exams Scheduled for 1996-97
Missouri Labeling Law Targets Pseudo-Microbrews
The GABF XV 1996 Medal Winners

Readers Tech Notes

New Methods for Brewing Room-Temperature Lagers
Doemens Degree Clarification
Aeration Reexamined

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