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Republished from BrewingTechniques' November/December 1993.

Correction: Water Treatment Calculations Table Update

A critical factor was omitted from a table of "Cell names and equations for calculations" in the article "Water Treatment: Philosophy, Approach, and Calculations" (BrewingTechniques 1 [3], 36-39 [1993]). Cells E16-E21 should have added in the ionic concentration from column "C" in Figure 1 of that article. The correct table appears at right.

Also, cell E18 in Figure 1 should read "40.8."

BrewingTechniques regrets the errors and thanks the readers who brought them to our attention.
-- Editor

Cell Names and Equations for Calculations
F7 GAL Volume of water needed (in gallons)
F8 DF Dilution factor (range of 0.0-1.0)
F16 CS Calcium sulfate added (in grams)
F17 CL Calcium chloride added (in grams)
F18 CC Calcium carbonate added (in grams)
F19 MS Magnesium sulfate added (in grams)
F20 NL Sodium chloride added (in grams)
F21 HCLHydrochloric acid added (milliliters of 0.1 M)
F22 HPPhosphoric acid added (milliliters of 0.1 M)
F23 HLACLactic acid added (milliliters of 0.1 M)
F9 =GAL*(1-DF)
C16 =B16*(1-DF); Copy this equation down through C21
E16 =C16+ROUND
E17 =C17+ROUND
E18 =C18+ROUND
E19 =C19+ROUND
E20 =C20+ROUND
E21 =C21+ROUND

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