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Thom Tomlinson (Tomcat)

Thom Tomlinson (Tomcat) is currently serving as president of Tomcat Brewing Company in Raleigh, North Carolina. Tomcat Brewing will specialize in brewing traditional English and Scottish ales. Bottles and kegs of Tomcat Ales, including a Scottish ale, a classic English pale ale and India pale ale, have been out since March of 1996.

Thom Tomlinson is not new to the microbrewery scene. While working as an independent consultant he helped establish the High Country Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado, by selecting appropriate yeast and yeast management practices, designing recipes to fit market conditions, and fitting the recipes to the brewing conditions within the brewery. High Country's Renegade Red won a Gold Medal in the India Pale Ale category at the 1993 Great American Beer Festival.

The success of Renegade Red, and its impact on British colleagues, earned Thom an invitation to address the British Guild of Beer Writer's Conference on India pale ale. In May of 1994 he presented his interpretation of the style along with observations of the market to a group of beer writers and brewers from the major breweries in the United Kingdom. While in England he visited breweries from the Burton-on-Trent region and breweries along the southern coast. In April of 1995 he spent three days brewing at Young's Brewery p.l.c. and one day brewing a commemorative India pale ale at the Freedom Brewery.

Thom's experience has not been limited to brewing and speaking. In 1991 he took over management of the Professional Panel Blind Tasting at the Great American Beer Festival. Improvements implemented during his three-year tenure earned the Professional Panel Blind Tasting kudos from international groups interested in the professional evaluation of beer. Thom continues to serve as a professional beer judge. In addition, he has contributed numerous articles to trade publications such as Brewing Techniques and home brewing journals such as zymurgy and Beer and Brewing. Currently Thom serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for Brewing Techniques.

While living in Boulder Thom taught psychology and statistics classes at the University of Colorado. He participated actively in the homebrew scene, serving as an officer in the Boulder County Homebrewers Association for three consecutive years and as second-round coordinator for the 1993 American Homebrewers Association's National Homebrew Competition (AHA:NHC). He developed an artistic knack for designing and brewing various traditional ales with his Russian imperial stout, porter, pale ale, and smoked porter all recognized in national and regional competitions as being superior. His blackberry ale won a third place aaward at the 1992 AHA:NHC.

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