The Brewers' Market Guide presents exhaustive listings of suppliers, associations, education institutions, and publications, plus practical review and how-to articles, to create the single most useful resource directory available to brewers. Many of the articles are available here in full text (click on a cover to review contents and link to live articles). The entire suppliers data base is live and available for free access thanks to the programming efforts of Real Beer Inc. The Brewers' Market Guide is a publication of BrewingTechniques.  
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1996 BMG cover image

Every hop variety and hop supplier from around the world, with complete pedigrees and technical specifications. Includes four major articles about hops and hop products. Also includes feature articles on brewery equipment and design.

  1997 BMG cover image Brewery Expansion
Three articles about the logistics of expansion, including a perspective from a successful brewpub-turned-micro, how to manage profitability, and tips on opening a second location. Also features the new "Face to Face" special advertising section and, as usual, the industry's most complete guide to brewing resources, from literature to organizations to equipment and suppliers.
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1996 BMG cover image

Every commercially available yeast strain, their technical specifications, and tables that allow you to identity yeast strains appropriate to the style of beer you want to brew. Plus, articles on brewpub start-ups!

Sorry, the 1996 edition is no longer available.

  1997 BMG cover image Malts!
Reviews of virtually every world malt, extract, and adjunct supplier, with descriptions and complete technical specifications of their products. Includes four major articles on malt. Plus, training, financing, and planning for commercial success.
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The Market Guide's Products & Services Listings section lists industry suppliers under more than 500 listing categories -- it's the "Yellow Pages" of the specialty brewing industry (separate sections for craft brewers and home brewers). Need a new filter, chiller, or maybe a hemacytomter for your lab? Want to check out used equipment? Looking for some cool glassware? The Market Guide has it all -- every supplier in North America. You can search the entire data base by category or any word! It's free and always online!  
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