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Special Focus: The World of Malts
Sonja Sherwood, Project Editor

Maltsters and Malt Products from Around the World

Lot Analyses -- Technical Specifications

Malt Company Directory -- Maltsters & Brokers

Understanding Malt Analysis Sheets -- How to Become Fluent in Malt Analysis Interpretation
Greg Noonan
Malt quality can vary from lot to lot and from maltster to maltster. Respected author and brewer Greg Noonan explains how to use the specifications commonly found on malt analysis sheets.

Using the World Wide Web for Research, Marketing, and Operations
Mark Silva
Words of wisdom about using the internet to your advantage -- whether for research, marketing, or day-to-day business operations -- from one of the pioneers of internet publishing.

The Making of a Brewmaster -- Past, Present, and Future
William Siebel
The president of the Siebel Institute of Technology gives a historical perspective on the development of brewing education and tells why proper training is more important than ever.

Grass Roots Brewery Financing -- The Small Corporate Offering Registration (SCOR) Program
David Charles
Brewery owners can turn customers into investors -- and even into a sales force -- with this little-known financing alternative to costly public offerings.

Craft Brewing's Coming-of-Age -- A Market Analysis and Forecast
Tom McCormick
A distribution consultant looks critically, but optimistically, at the future of the craft brewing industry.

OSHA and the Brewing Industry -- Are You Prepared?
Gordon Siers
A government insider offers advice to the brewing industry about keeping employees safe and regulators satisfied.

A Comparison of North American Two-Row and Six-Row Malting Barley
Paul Schwarz and Richard Horsley
Barley experts discuss the differences between two- and six-row barley and what they mean to your beer.

North American Barley Quality -- The 1996 Crop
Paul Schwarz, Paul Bolin, and John Barr
Production and quality were up in 1996.

How Healthy Is Your Malt? What You Should Know about a Disease that Could Affect Your Beer
Neil Gudmestad, Raymond Taylor, and Paul Schwarz
The malting and brewing industries are growing increasingly anxious about the effects of a fungus that attacks barley and other crops. Here are the facts.
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