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Seven Secrets of Brewpub Success
Teri Fahrendorf
A brewpub's success boils down to more than making great beer -- it also involves creating an experience that will light up the customers and keep them coming back for your pub's unique offerings. One brewmaster describes the approach used in making her brewpubs successful.

Perspectives in New Brewery Start-Ups:
An Approach to Scheduling for a Successful Opening Day
Teri Fahrendorf
Need to schedule a realistic opening day? Are you a harried brewer under pressure to meet an unrealistic start-up deadline? Here's a program that will ensure the best quality beer in the minimum time.

Perspectives in New Brewery Start-Ups:
How to Get the Best from Your Suppliers
David Sohigian
Selecting the right supplier -- whether for equipment, ingredients, or specialty services -- is an critical step in getting your new brewery off on the right foot. Some simple guidelines can help you find the right supplier for your needs.

The Yeast Directory --
The Compleat Guide to Commercially Available Yeast Strains
Edited by Deb Jolda
Yeast are the mighty workhorses that transform wort into coveted beers. Like any living being, each yeast strain has its own character and behavior. This guide to unique yeast strains offers technical descriptions of each yeast and selection guides categorized by style.
Yeast Strains and Technical Descriptions
Beer Yeast Suppliers --
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English Ale Styles
North American Ale Styles
Benelux Ale Styles
American Type Culture Collection
German Ale Styles
North American Lager Styles
German Lager Styles
Mead and Saké
Wine Yeast
Other Sources of Yeast Information
National Collection of Yeast Cultures (UK)

Beer Evaluation Around the World
The Brewing Industry International Awards
The Great American Beer Festival
World Beer Cup
The Beer Judge Certification Program
The World Beer Championships
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Laboratory Equipment & Supplies
Environmental Management
Protective Accessories

Company Directory -- Commercial Brewery Suppliers

Products & Services for the Home Brewery
Brewing Equipment
Cleaning & Sanitization
Brewing Kits
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Company Directory -- Commercial Brewery Suppliers

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